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Italy Tours in Nature introduces you to Italy’s many sceneries, seascapes and mountains – some quite famous, others more hidden.

Do you love Italy? Are you passionate about walking and outdoor life? Are you keen to explore Another Italy?

Are you ready? Then let me take you on a tour!

My name is Massimiliano – but please call me Max!

I am an Italian qualified and registered Nature Guide, based in the UK and Italy, and I have been traveling across my country for many years.

I have lived in Italy for most of my life, and I am passionate about it. I am especially keen on Italian nature, and over time I have come to know and love places that show a country usually unseen by the common traveler – and certainly missed by the average tourist.

I have created Italy Tours in Nature as a collection of ideas that I am keen to share to help you get in touch with the Nature of Italy in a way that has little to do with stereotypes or the massively traveled tourist routes. My goal is to take you off the beaten track, and present you instead with an Italy rarely seen.

My first intent, with Italy Tours in Nature, is to create a unique Insiders Guide to the Nature of Italy – one that will bring you the added value of first-hand experience. An experience that keeps building over time – and thats the reason why I am adding new information to the site on a regular basis; I therefore invite you to come and visit it often.

My goal is to create carefully crafted pages, where you will find lots of researched and updated material on several locations in Italy – always with a focus on Nature, of course, but not exclusively.

I also organize tours in many parts of Italy, and for this activity I give an absolute precedence to the Dolomites: beautiful mountains where I have lived, which I love and that I have known since childhood. This is where I can use my knowledge at its best, and where I feel I can offer a better service.

But I also organize trips to other parts of the country – most notably in my native region of Emilia-Romagna and parts of neighbouring Marche; in Liguria (the Cinque Terre and Portofino areas) as well as in the regions to the north east of Italy at large – such as Veneto, Trentino, South Tyrol and Friuli.

My way of leading tours is based on accurate preparation and taking full care of the details. There is a structured time for learning and knowledge, but there will also be occasions for sharing – and hopefully to have some fun too! The goal is to enjoy the natural beauty of Italy in a comfortable, knowledgeable and relaxed setting… with a touch of  “serendipity” as well!

Parks and Natural reserves (subdivided in Italy into National and Regional Parks) are the prime focus of this website, but also historic and botanic gardens. Heritage sites and occasionally monuments will sometimes feature quite prominenly too  – and so will be food and local products.

So ancient is the history of this land and its many civilizations that even what appears to be natural is here often the product of human activity; in fact, in Italy nature and culture really go hand in hand, and the two can never be separated quite so neatly.

This is a very important point. Even though, in my tours, I am very keen to make the most of the time – of your time – I also focus on slow approach; in fact, I am keen to apply to Nature the same philosophy that is behind the Slow Food movement: see and enjoy what's local, appreciate its individuality, celebrate its uniqueness  and most of all, allow time to take it in, and let it naturally turn into a cherished memory.

I really do believe that we have to rediscover the slow dimension to life – which of course in this context doesnt mean slack, or lazy; it just means that perhaps we will see less things, but the ones we do see, we will take the time to fully savor them. Be it a garden, a  flower, a view... or a dish.

What you will find in Italy Tours in Nature, then, is the condensed result of many years of traveling and exploring my country – an activity that, by its very nature, never ends, and gives me constant pleasures.

And now, allow me to be partisan, just for a moment: I really do believe that the Nature of Italy is one of the most fascinating in the world – if not THE most beautiful!

It contains such a diversity of landscapes: mountains, hillsides, coastlines, seascapes, riversides, lagoons... and when it comes to the flora, it is one of the most diverse in Europe.

But then – at the risk of repeating myself – what makes this country really unique is how this nature's bounty goes hand in hand with the impressive art and culture: all those minor signs of 'human' history, scattered everywhere on the land (and not just in the major cities and hotspots that everybody knows about).  

So, whether you are browsing “Italy Tours in Nature” to find information for yourself, or choosing to come on one of my tours, this is what you are going to find here.

My main goal, with Italy Tours in Nature, is to share with you my first-hand experience of travels through Italy and my general knowledge about the country, slowly built over the years, so that I can guide you to its most diverse and beautiful sights, so that you may be able to relax: you wont have to worry about anything! You will make the most out of your Italian holiday in Nature, without having to worry about language, luggage... or anything else!

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Cinque Terre, the Mediterranean in a Nutshell

Secluded Coves, Steep Terraced Mountains Covered in Vineyards, Quaint Multicoloured Villages: All This is the Cinque Terre, a Quintessentially Mediterranean Landscape

Dolomites: The "Pale Mountains" of Your Dreams

The Dolomites are Magical Mountains. Unique in the Whole Alpine Range, They Are A Paradise For the Walker and For the Plant Enthusiast Alike.

The Dolomiti Bellunesi: Italy's Most Visited National Park

The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is the Most Extensive Area of Wilderness and a Plantsman's Paradise in North East Italy, Offering Magical Walks and Treks.

Cortina, "Pearl of the Dolomites"

Cortina is a World-famous Winter Resort Surrounded by Astonishing Dolomite Mountains, Offering Also Magnificent Hikes in Spectacular High Altitude

Cadore: Dolomite Mountains and Compelling Art in Northern Veneto

Cadore is an Historical Region in the Northern Veneto, Surrounded by the Grandeur of Dolomite's Most Celebrated Peaks, and Homeland to the Great Painter Titian

Belluno, Capital of Veneto's Northernmost Province

Belluno Lies in the Piave Valley, and is the Small Capital of an Extensive Province with the Dolomites to the North. It also has a Charming Historic Part

Cansiglio, Veneto's Largest Ancient Forest

The Cansiglio Plateau Offers Open Meadows and Imposing Forests as far as the Eye can See

Feltre: an Historic Town at the Foothills of Wild, Stunning Mountains

Feltre has an evocative historic centre in Renaissance style, surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Vette Feltrine, plus the atmospheric Monastery of Santi Vittore and Corona

Carnia is an Historical Region in the Western Mountains of Friuli

The Historical Region of Carnia Covers a Wide Section of the Mountainous Part of Friuli, including the Dolomiti Friulane. Crossed by the Tagliamento, it Contains Many Interesting Natural Sights

"Carnia Musei" is a Network of Museums in this Mountainous Region of Friuli

"Carnia Musei" is an Extensive and Diverse Network of Museums Covering the Mountainous Region of Carnia, Offering Many Interesting and Sometimes Unusual Visits

Sauris: German Speaking Community in Carnia, Friuli (Eastern Alps)

Sauris is a delightful village with interesting and well-preserved traditional wooden architecture in the upper reaches of the Dolomiti Friulane

Trentino is one of the Most Beautiful Regions in the Alps

The Trentino region, at the heart of the Italian Alps, is a Beautiful Mountainous Region Comprising the Dolomites

Trentino Ecomuseums: Beauty and Tradition in a Nutshell

The Trentino Ecomuseums Are Located in Six Valleys of Trentino (Vanoi, Chiese, Giudicarie, Peio, Valsugana) and Allow the Visitor to Get Acknowledged with Their Cultural, Artistic and Crafts Heritage

South Tyrol is a Bridge Between Mediterranean World and Mitteleuropa

South Tyrol is Extended Over the Southern Part of this Historical Region, Representing a Blend of Italian and German Culture and Hosting a Section of the Wonderful Dolomites

The Alta Pusteria is the Most Interesting Section of the Valley for its Nature

The Alta Pusteria (Hochpustertal) is the most elevated section of the valley, with important resorts. It is the most interesting section from a naturalistic point of view

Dobbiaco: One of the Absolute Pearls of the Dolomites

Dobbiaco is a one of the Main Gateways to the Dolomites, Set Among the Verdant Meadows of the Alta Val Pusteria and at a Stone's Throw from the Majestic “Tre Cime”



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Monte Baldo is an Absolute Haven for the Alpine Flora

Monte Baldo is an Isolated Mountain Between the Shores of Lake Garda and the Adige Valley, and it is an Absolute Haven for the Alpine Flora, with many Endemic Species Named After it

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